This statement is the Privacy Policy of Tutor Corporation Pty Ltd. It gives you an overview of the processes we follow when we gather and use your information. We will treat your personal information with the privacy required by the Australian Privacy Act. We will take all reasonable steps to protect your information from misuse, interference by unauthorised persons, loss, unauthorised access, incorrect modification and unauthorised disclosure.

The contents of the privacy policy is set out below.


1. Kinds of Information.

A number of our processes require you and others to provide personal information, including but not limited to your name, residential address, phone number, financial details, email address, age and information regarding products and services you inquire about or trade with through us.

2.How and Why Information is Collected.

Your personal information may be collected and stored in ways including but not limited to your visits to our website, application forms, calls to us, emails to us or use of our products or services. We will use your information in order to provide you with our services, gain an understanding of the types of services and products that might benefit you, as well as provide you with material on those offered by us.

Please notify us, by email or phone, if you do not wish for your information to be used in order to provide you with such material. Otherwise, by accessing our website, you consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information, for the purposes contained within this statement and permitted by law.

We will not pass on your personal information to a third party without your permission, unless this is allowed by law, disclosed in this policy or necessary in order to provide a service that you have asked us to provide.

3.Direct Marketing.

We will not be using or disclosing your sensitive personal information, or other personal information provided by a third party, for direct marketing, without your consent. This also applies to non-sensitive personal information provided by you, if you make such a request via email.

If you believe that your information is being used for direct marketing, without your consent, please inform us by contacting Tutor Corporation Pty Ltd.

4. Disclosure Overseas.

In order to provide you with our services, it is unlikely that we will disclose your information to overseas recipients.

If we do, the overseas recipients of your information will be aware of this Privacy Policy, and be required to handle your information in accordance with it.

5. Kinds of Information.

If you wish to access your personal information held by Tutor Corporation Pty Ltd, seek correction of such information or complain about lawful privacy treatment, please contact us via phone or email:

Phone: 1300 659 889


 We will internally review any complaint from you, and attempt to respond within 14 days or other reasonable time period.

6. Your Consent.

By accessing our website and/or using our services, you consent to our collection, maintenance, use, disclosure and holding of your information, including sensitive information, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Act. This includes information provided by you and information provided by a third party.

If you would like further information regarding your privacy, please contact us:

Phone: 1300 659 889


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